Hi there! I’m Laurita Romero.

I create Websites, make music, teach others and like to climb.

And this is Marta, my Pitbull.

My Story

I’m a guitarist and singer, and a music instructor and cellist, an enterpeneur and a climbing enthusiast.

I have toured the world as a musician, my stage name is Mint Parker, I design during the day, play at night and climb whenever I can. I come from Uruguay and I live in Mexico City since 2011.

What’s Lazy Pitbull?

If you google up my name, well… we are many Lauritas in this world. So I came up with a new name for my website’s company inspired on my dog, Marta.

I create easy-to-use websites on the WordPress platform, I can design any kind of website and with any purpose you need it for. Responsive designs for any device.
I also offer Hosting Plans and Website Care Services.

También diseño en Español ya que es mi lengua materna.

Here are some of my websites:

The Midnight Mezcal
Chrom Produccions
Deos Fractal - COMING SOON!
Mint Parker - COMING SOON!

Who is MARTA?

Marta the pitbull

She is a rescue dog, I found her severely hurt and malnurished with signs of breeding exploitation in the streets of Amecameca, a small town an hour from Mexico City.

Marta is a beautiful and happy dog now, and after my mum passed away, I left her to take care of my dad and to live surrounded by nature and the beautiful beaches of my hometown Uruguay.  I miss her everyday but I come to visit every year.

This is what I can do

Instagram – @mintparkeroficial